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Wednesday, October 23

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Sunday, August 12

Tuesday, May 29

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    Current Events #2: 3 States Sold Winning Mega Millions Tickets
    It discussed what happened. Recently over the weekend, the jackpot, which went up to the millions, had its normal round. Although there was a winner of this jackpot, there were three, in separate states. The first caller was a woman in St. Louis and confusing things started to happen when others called in saying that they had also won the jackpot. Due to a court case a couple months before with a man who hid his ticket from his friends who mutually agreed to split the jackpot if they had won, MegaMillions decided to split the money between the three winners. It is rare for there to be one winner, let alone 3. All three winners are getting an equal share of the jackpot, which is still a lot of money, over 200 million dollars. This jackpot was considered the biggest jackpot in history.
    The author uses the technique of chronological order as well as inverted pyramid in order to tell the story. The article is shorter than others, so the author uses those techniques to keep the reader interested throughout the article. All the words are very short and concise and he doesn't add any minor details. He sticks to solely what happened, an objective point of view.

    Current Events #3: Sanctorum Suspends Presidential Campaign
    The article is about the campaign of Rick Sanctorum, which has recently been suspended. During his campaign, Sanctorum started off as one of the unlikely candidates to win the campaign, unknown by many. However, from his campaign road from Iowa, he was continued to gain more popularity throughout the past couple months. Although there were bumps along the way, Sanctorum lasted longer than others thought he would. Many believe that some of the reasons that Sanctorum had suspended his campaign was because of the substantial lead that Mitt Romney currently has but others believe that it is because of his daughter who has a rare genetic disorder.
    The author of this article uses imagery as well as flaskbacks in order to portray Sanctorum as a political figure and during his campaign. By describing the campaign trail of Sanctorum is shows his hardships. The "handful of aides in a pick-up truck" showed that he didn't have that many advantages. By having quotes from other sources, it gives the readers an understanding of how Sanctorum is to others. It gives a level of authority to Sanctorum, giving the reader trust in Sanctorum. The contrast of ideas shows how Sanctorum overcame and even though he quit, he may have a valid reason of doing so.
    Current Events #4: Teach the Books, Touch the Heart
    In this article, a teacher explains his experience with test scores and his reading groups. Being in New York, the teacher has noticed different trends among the students. Because of the background that they all come from, they interpret the books that they read differently. They understand the tragedies that occur within the books and look at certain scenes from a different angle. There have been students who have rapped Shakespeare. They have all said that they get a lot form having these reading groups and also gives them some hope. But the teacher has also noticed that although the students benefit from this activity, their test scores do not improve. Actually, the past year, they have declined. The teachers, afraid that the reading groups are proving to be less effective, switched to a program with more tests and assessments, overall more objective assignments. But seeing that students aren't gaining anything from that experience, the teacher has started to question the test and whether it is truly "culturally neutral." Students analyze in a different way in the classroom than they are expected to during tests.
    What made this article stand out over the rest is not its length but the point of view of the author. He writes it in first point of view which makes the article more touching to the reader. It helps them understand and put themselves in the same situation. Also, the article, because of the tone that the point of view sets, seems more genuine. It feels like the author is talking directly to the reader and for a certain reader particularly. By making it more personal, it makes it easier for the reader to take something away from the article.

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Friday, May 18

  1. page SarahBock edited ... Whatever happened to the Kelptomaniac, featured once in Notorious B.I.G's "Big Poppa"…
    Whatever happened to the Kelptomaniac, featured once in Notorious B.I.G's "Big Poppa" music video? And how about Caroline Mulford in "Sixteen Candles? Real estate. Many acrobats, opera singers, jazz dancers, gay-porn starts turn to real estate as their second career when their first ones didn't hit off. Such people fall in to real estate because it gives them the option to continue their first job. Jackie Dunphy has worked as a hand model for 30 years, modeling for KFC, lipstick companies, and more. However, as she aged, she got less and less calls, requiring the need for other sources of income, although she wasn't ready to give up hand modeling forever. Thus, she turned to real estate, which gave her enough leisure for both.
    The author employs a sens of mystery in the beginning by starting out with a question, grabbing the reader's attention. Then she starts to list examples of people taking on real estate as their second careers, and why they do so. A generalization and supporting examples are logically convincing and make the reader believe what she is saying. Also, the author's tone throughout is colloquial and casual, and she employs some humor here and there, which makes the article interesting to read.
    4/22/12: The Footprints on a Path to Gold
    The Footprints on a Path to Gold is an article that traces the steps of Amantle Montsho, a 28-year-old woman world champion in the 400 meters. She has a unique background, in that she is from Botswana, a nation in poverty. It is also known to have the highest rates of HIV infection in the world, and many of the breadwinners of families die to leave the rest of their family members in poverty and emotionally unstable. From such a family Montsho rose as a star runner, running throughout school and various camps, breaking through the barrier in which women are non-athletic and must have no muscles.
    The article starts out with strong images, with a little girl running. However, her family is too poor to support her in any way, and she simply continues to run around the family’s cattle post. The image presents a kind of a lonely, sad image: a girl desperate to run, but held back by financial troubles. Then, facts are presented to the reader: the family lost their cattle, Botswana is in poverty, sports it not a big part of Botswana society. These obstacles are clearly outlined to evoke strong pathos, where the reader feels sympathetic and pity for Montsho because she is not only held back by restraints of her family, but also of society. The article continues on to describe the sweat and tears Montsho put into her athletic career in order to succeed in detail, which successfully inspires the reader.

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Thursday, May 17

  1. page Fall 2011 edited Interview Technique Videos…

    Interview Technique Videos
    All interviews are on Tuesday. This will count as a test grade.
    --Dress professionally
    --Practice the questions
    --Perfect the cover letter and resume (I will grade this.)
    --DON'T BE ABSENT ON TUESDAY. The interviewer will grade you using the rubric (and they don't love you like I do...)

    Example Resume and Cover letter
    {ISM Application Brian and Gisella Longbotham.pdf}
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Tuesday, May 15

  1. page Fall 2011 edited Example Resume and Cover letter {ISM Application Brian and Gisella Longbotham.pdf} Summer re…

    Example Resume and Cover letter
    {ISM Application Brian and Gisella Longbotham.pdf}

    Summer reading if you're taking AP Literature next year:
    {Summer Reading 2012_AP Lit.pdf}
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Sunday, May 13

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    Summer reading if you're taking AP Literature next year:
    {Summer Reading 2012_AP Lit.pdf}
    What we will be doing for the rest of the year:
    Dates: E block / (A block)
    5/14 (15) We're going to watch the second half of "A Raisin in the Sun."
    5/16 (17) We will format our resumes and cover letters. (Good luck on the AP exam!)
    5/18 (21) We will have half the period for interview stuff and 1/2 for working on your final exam project.
    5/22 (22) Junior interviews (You must be dressed formally and bring your interview materials.)
    5/23 and 25 (25 and 29) Work on your movie final exam projects.

    Block E: 5/9/2012 (Wednesday)
    Block A: 5/10/2012 (Thursday)
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Tuesday, May 8

  1. page Fall 2011 edited Block E: 5/9/2012 (Wednesday) Block A: 5/10/2012 (Thursday) Topics Poetry "A Raisin in t…

    Block E: 5/9/2012 (Wednesday)
    Block A: 5/10/2012 (Thursday)
    Poetry "A Raisin in the Sun"
    Finding your poets for the final exam.
    Preparing for your poem
    Look at the review questions for "A Raisin in the Sun" through Scene 2
    1. Who is Joseph Asagai? 2. What did Ruth find out at the doctor's office? 3. Why is Asagai's present to Beneatha appropriate? 4. Why is Asagai's nickname appropriate? 5. What does Mama say is "dangerous"? 6. Where did Ruth actually go instead of the doctor's office? 7. Why did Mama call Walter a disgrace to his father's memory?
    Poetry project for the final exam.
    --Groups of two (No, not three.)
    --Find a poet from the Americas (translations are OK)
    --No two groups can use the same poet. (By class.)
    --Poems must be of an acceptable sophistication and length. (Sorry, no Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein.)
    --Finished projects should be between 1.5 and three minutes. The main grading criteria will be effort, creativity, and successful reading / adaptation of the poem.
    By the end of the block, you must have chosen your poet / poem and posted it to Facebook.
    Fill out the poetry planner regarding your poems. You will present your poems to your peers during the subsequent classes. {How to Analyze a Poem chart.pages}

    Block E: 5/7/2012 (Monday)
    Block A: 5/8/2012 (Tuesday)
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